Rhythm Assembly EMS

Modern Vision – We are moving with the times as well as the beat…

The team here at the the RumShop offer our RHYTHM ASSEMBLY EMS (Event Managed Services), to make the process of event organisation less problematic by assisting you with improving the services you offer your customers whether it be an event a public house or a local fete with a few tens of people to corporate parties or festivals with hundreds or even thousands of revellers.

Through our extensive network of DJ’s, Entertainers, Artists, Comedians and Magicians, we offer you the ability to utilise our knowledge & expertise to provide you with acts that ensure your event is  a success leaving your customers wanting more.

For corporate partners we have innovative and proven solutions ensuring customers are engaged through traditional & social media platforms to ensure no promotional stone is left uncovered when you host your events, ensuring your return on investment is maximised to its full potential.

Here is a sample of  the experienced and professional  DJ’s and Entertainers you can gain access to. We would be happy to discuss further in detail the requirements of your event to assist you in selecting the right hire ensuring your event is a success.